There is only about 1 more week tell schools out!!!! So to celebrate our teacher took us on a camping trip. We went to Air Force beach to spend the night.

First we explored the camp ground which was pretty big. Then we set up are tent which has all the girls because there are only 9 of us. Then we got changed and went down to the beach. We laid down our towels and ran down to the water. We played dominoes trust and had a huge splash fight. We saw some guys down in the water so we went and joined them. They were skim boarding, they thought us how and so we were skim boarding for a while when more then half the class came down and we had another giant splash fight.  Then we went back to the campsite and played a whole bunch of games like kick the can and others.

After, we made a big fire to roast hot dogs and afterwards, marshmallows. We played a game were you stuck one mini marshmallow up your nose and see who could  blow them the farthest. We had some snacks and then went to bed.

The next morning we all went to the beach again to finish the day.

Have a great summer!!!!!

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Do you like taking pictures, looking at pictures or editing pictures? Well I have found this website that you can edit your photos, it is called Picnik. You just have to upload a photo and then you can do anything with it. You can make it look really goofy or you can make it look nice (like no red eyes).

My Whale Tail after Picnik

My Whale Tail after Picnik

I went on to Compfight and  typed in whale and I saw a beautiful picture off a whale tail which is what you see on the left.  So I saved it and uploaded it on to Picnik. Then pressed create and started making it “different”. When you get the picture you want you have to make sure that you can change. If they have an = sign that means it cannot be changed.

So go and get a picture, make sure it doesn’t have an = sign, and create your picture!

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I love water sports! They are a lot of fun. My dad owns a motor boat so in the summer we go out a lot, but we don’t have a sail boat and there is quite a big difference.

In school we got to go sailing every Thursday and Friday for a month with Compass Adventures. The sail boats aren’t the big ones you see, these are small catamarans. They only fit four people so there is a lot more work for you!

There are four jobs for each person on the boat.

  1. Paddling (for when there is no wind)
  2. Look out for logs and other objects
  3. Steering
  4. Manning the sail

My favorite is steering

I learned lots of things like

  • steering
  • names on the boat
  • how to tell the weather
  • how to set up a sail boat

Have fun sailing! (seriously you should go)

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Sorry for neglecting my blog lately. There has just been so many things to do!

Today we had SAR ( Search and rescue) techs come and parachute down from a plane. It looked really fun, but hard to steer.

Would you ever jump out of plane (with a parachute)?  I would!

Would you sky dive or parachute?

Would you ever want to be a SAR tech?

Have you ever been in danger where you needed rescue? Why?

Leave your answers in a comment.

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Free and Fair Election

Filed by Maya for the Huzzahnian News Network

I am guessing if you live in Canada then you have all heard about our election. So in class to learn about elections we decided to have an election in our class.

We all had the choice to be part of a party. I was in L.M.A.D. (Lets Make A Difference) party. There were 5 other candidates the Happy Party, D.A.D.A., Rasta, Change, and W.C.H.

All Canidates Metting BeforeThe Election

All Canidates Metting BeforeThe Election

We had a free and fair election and here are some of the reasons:

  • Everyone got the choice to Vote
  • There was no advertising in the polling station
  • It was private
  • No one was left out
  • All mistakes were corrected
  • All cheating was stopped

Thanks for reading about our free and fair Huzzanian election.

Edited by: Laina and Jane

Making Sushi at Home

One of my absolute favorite foods is Sushi (so good). It may sound kinda gross but it is really delicious. My parents have found out how to make it and I wanted to know right away and have now taught me it, is really simple.

On the outside there is either Nori  (roasted seaweed) or sticky rice, I make it with Nori on the outside and then sticky rice.  On the inside you can put in crab (real or fake, they are both good), skinny slices of cucumber, avocado, and carrot you don’t have to put in all. I normally put in crab and cucumber, that is only my favorite, but there is a lot of other things  that you can put in it.



I always have soya sauce on the table to dip the sushi in. A lot of people roll it, then cut it into small pieces, then put it on plates. But what My family does is we all get a piece of Nori lay it down and put rice on it, then place the cucumber and crab on it, we roll it up. And eat it like a wrapped sandwich.

It is a great skill to know because it is a quick, simple and absolutely delicious!

Now you can make your own delicious sushi at your house!

Image credit to Merlijn Hoek Making Sushi at Home

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My Ukrainain Pysanky Easter Egg

Do you know what is coming up soon? Easter! I think most people know that on Easter there is a big Easter bunny that comes around handing out Easter eggs. So for fun in class we made Pysanky eggs. Pysanky eggs are traditional eggs that Ukrainians make. It has all sorts of designs that mean certain things, for example the grapes mean: Health and wisdom

My Egg

My Egg

The colors mean:

Yellow: light, youth, happiness, and harvest.

Green: hope, health, and renewal.

Orange: Sun and Stength

Red: Joy of life and love

Black: Long life and remembrance

Brown: mother earth

Blue: Blue skies

Purple: Patience and trust

White: Purity, innocence and birth

The chicken means: fulfillment of wishes, joy.

The foot prints means: guidance to the young

The tree means: life, health.

The butterflies means: spring is coming.

Pysnka Egg

Pysnka Egg

Doing art is a lot of fun and that is why we make art for the Comox Mall so if you  go there you will see eggs hanging off the ceiling.

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Image credit to: so-jeo

Aoin and Freckles

Well I am back with the cutest creatures ever!! Aoin and Freckles: the best things on the earth!

Freckles and Aoin

Freckles and Aoin

Aoin is a lot more comfortable and is walking around more. Freckles is eating like crazy and loves to be held. Now that it is getting warmer out, I am taking them out to walk around in the grass.

Freakles in my friends pocket.

Freckles in Darion's pocket.

They are potty trained so they only go to the bathroom in a certain corner were I put newspaper there. It is really cute when they go to drink because they sit on the edge of the bowl and lick the water.

Aoin in stump

Aoin in stump

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Horne Lake Caves

Where should you go on Vancouver Island?

There is a lot of places you could go, but one of my favorite places is Horne Lake Caves.

Formations in the Cave

Formations in the Cave

You can go on a cave tour with a guide or go on your own. You can go on to the seven hour tour where you go to the end of the cave, you get to repel down where there is lots and lots of crystals, but you have to be over 15 :(.

There are lots of things you can do like, summer camps, school trips, camping and loads of other stuff. You can go any time of the year! And it is always the same temperature in the caves, 4 degrees!

More Formations!

More Formations!

That is why you should go to Horne Lake Caves!

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What Should I Write a Post on?

I have writers block! I have absolutely no clue what to write about! So I thought that I could write a post and get help for my writers block. If you have any ideas on what I should write about please, please, please comment. I am desperate!

Question Mark

Question Mark

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